OC Colleges Project

The OC Colleges Project supports college students (ages 18 – 24) who are struggling with housing or basic needs. Each year over 14,000 Orange County college students have this challenge – several hundred students each night lack safe and stable housing. 

Networking with local colleges and universities, we reduce this situation by assisting students in need. The support we provide includes the following:

 Advisement – short-term assistance with specific issues (financial aid, CalFresh enrollment, campus services).

 Mentors – caring life navigators for the longer term

Connections – personalized referrals to campus services and beyond

Housing support – multi-month assistance leading to permanent housing

Enrollment Support – guidance for first-time college students

When students stay connected with us, they receive continuing help to reach their academic goals.

Since 2019 OC Colleges Project has assisted 150 students through short-term advisement and provided 60 students with mentoring support. Emergency transportation was made available to 150 students and bridge housing was provided to 50 students.

STUDENTS – Click on the links below for information on Meeting Basic Needs, Signing up for CalFresh, Declaring Yourself to be an Independent Student and The Importance of Budgeting.

Meeting Basic Needs

Declaring Independent Status
(Financial Aid)

CalFresh – Food Resources


To learn more about the OC Colleges Project, email us at [email protected]