StandUp for Kids – Kitsap County wishes to thank each and every individual and organization that has helped to contribute to our success. For more ways to get involved by volunteering your time, helping fullfill our wishlist, or to donate money – please contact us at [email protected].

In celebration of International Day of Families, Chuck E. Cheese donated on May 15 “family meals” to local organizations, including first responders, in their communities. StandUp for Kids – Kitsap County was able to deliver meals to our local Kaiser Permanente Medical Group.

“For more than 40 years, families have created lifelong memories together at Chuck E. Cheese, and we want to celebrate with them on International Day of Families,” said CEC Entertainment Chief Marketing Officer Sherri Landry. “Giving back to the communities and the families we serve is a Chuck E. Cheese core value, and we look forward to a wonderful day of giving throughout the U.S. and around the world.”

Valley Mothers of Multiples just donated $1,200.00 dollars to StandUp for Kids. This is incredible. Thank you to all who gave so generously.

So gracious to the congregation at Cedars Unitarian Universalist Church for their donation in helping our homeless and at-risk youth. We have received a $644.99 dollar check. We are so grateful.

Sponsors and Supporters

ROWA (Retired Officers Wives’ Association):
Generous donations from many members provided hygiene items, school supplies and many other items, as well as cash.

LDS on Old Frontier:
Used clothing drive supplied us with dozens of usable items for the kids.

Circle of Friends:
Once again Circle of Friends generously donated dozens of usable items of clothing, hygiene items, snack items and cash.

Adams family gifts:
Chose to celebrate their daughter’s 3rd birthday by asking for donations to be given to SUFK.

We would like to thank Terry Ward, Publisher of Kitsap Daily News, a division of Sound Publishing Inc., for their contribution of publishing our message to our Kitsap County residents. The publication we are in is the Kitsap Weekly, which will be publishing our continued message twice a month. Sound Publishing Inc. is the largest community publication in Washington State. They have been awarded hundreds of awards through the Washington Newspaper Association. 
Visit them or subscribe at:

Faithful Donors

Unitarian Universal Church 
St. Anthony Church 
Naval Base Kitsap Chapel 
Anonymous S. Kitsap teachers/counselors
Friends who donate monthly

Thank you Andrea Collier and Old Dominion University for your generous donation of hygiene and school supplies for our homeless teens in Kitsap County!