StandUp for Kids - Denver was established in 1991 and has served our youth in various ways since then. Currently we are 100% street based meaning everything we do is in the streets where our "roofless" friends live and spend the majority of their lives. We were serving dinner in an inside space for about 8 years until that organization decided that they no longer wanted to host any groups. Since then, we have been thriving serving dinner every single Sunday year round at a public park in downtown Denver where we serve approx 80-100 youth from about April until November and then when it gets dark early and colder, they tend to retreat to camps earlier in the day and our numbers drop to about 40 on those Sundays. We do street outreach every Tuesday night where we reach anywhere from 20-75 youth, again, depending on weather, time of year and where we go on any given Tuesday. 

We have an incredibly loyal and loving family of supporters/donors here in Denver who help us keep our storage unit stocked with survival supplies and are there for us for literally any need that comes up with regard to our youth. Our donors are the ONLY reason we are able to continue to do what we do. 

At the core of what we do is true friendship...we meet these kids "where they are and wherever they are" and we do it consistently and they know that we will always be there for them. We are able to refer them to the many services here locally when they are interested and in need but even when they are not, we're here for them. Often times it is a loving, non judgmental consistent adult presence in their lives that is missing and we try to provide that to them. 

One thing that is currently super exciting for us is that we are planning to get a mobile shower! That is not a service that is provide here in Denver and one that the youth ALL say they would LOVE to have! We are actively researching and the goal is to be able to have one up and running by June!