Youth Spotlight

Apr 9, 2024

The story of a single mother who has had trouble to find permanent housing for her and her family is one known far too well by many women in Southern California. The Los Angeles Times found that more than 70% of single mothers are rent burdened in California. This unfortunate statistic is one that is seen across the country as homelessness has no mercy for anyone, with children and women left to suffer in terrible conditions.

StandUp for Kids, a national nonprofit with the goal of ending the cycle of youth homelessness, is fighting this epidemic one youth at a time by finding people like this young mother (who wishes to remain anonymous) and providing them with the resources to set themselves up for long-term success. After being connected with StandUp for Kids, she connected with our incredible volunteers who were able to help her change the lives of her and her son.

With the help of our incredible mentors and volunteers, this youth built her employment network and social well-being, ultimately leading her to a salary raise. She felt relief knowing her financial state was improving for her family and pride in knowing what she accomplished with all her hard work. Along with employment and financial assistance, our programs helped this single mother find a secure home and equipping her with the skills necessary to maintain stable housing and employment.

A volunteer she worked closely with describes her story as “progress [that] underscores the effectiveness of our program in promoting long-term housing stability and enhancing overall quality of life” This is just one of many StandUp for Kids stories that have left a life-changing impact on those in need.

To support other success stories like this youth, you can donate to StandUp for Kids here:

Author: Hannah Antonopoulos