Words from Abbey Cross, Executive Director

Feb 27, 2017

The work we are doing is just so important. There are over 15,000 homeless youth on the streets of Chicago and only about 100 beds available to them in the youth shelters where they feel safe. The craziest part is that it is almost like an invisible problem. Most Chicago residents don’t even know that this is happening in the very streets.

Most times the kids we meet tell us that they are choosing the streets over home because it is a safer, better alternative. It is hard to even imagine how awful home must have been for them to make such a choice.

These kids have never had a safe adult to guide them and support them. That’s what StandUp is there for. We do our absolute best to support and love these kids regardless of their situation. We don’t judge! It is amazing how far these kids will go with a little help and love from safe, non-judgmental guidance from a caring adult. If we can even empower one Chicago youth to get an education or housing then I’m happy! That’s what its all about…empowering these youth to break the cycle of homelessness.