Wheely Great Car Show – OC’s 3rd Annual Car Show Recap

Jul 7, 2022

StandUp for Kids – Orange County 

This past June 18, we hosted our 3rd annual car show sponsored by KIA of Irvine at The Crossing Church. We want to thank The Crossing Church for the donated venue and KIA of Irvine for the support! We had a significant turnout, with many different car owners showing off their vehicles. From old-time classics to sporty new cars, there was something for everyone to enjoy!

Besides cars, there was also great food from the Vacaloca food truck, which offered delicious street food. Aside from the food truck, ForGoodnessCakes also set up a booth with tasty treats! The treats satisfied our sweet tooth with car-themed goodies. We had various different raffle prizes for attendees to win. From car window tinting to car cleaning supplies, attendees won glamorous prizes by making small donations to StandUp for Kids.

Our youth guest speaker, Morgan, spoke about her experience with StandUp for Kids. She thanked everyone who works and supports StandUp for Kids, especially her mentor, who gave her hope.

Morgan said, “I would never think anyone would take their time to help me find a room for rent or even take their time just to help me.”

We’d like to shout out a few more people who supported our car show and set up booths. Sentri Institute has helped the StandUp for Kids community. Sentri offers some of our youth the opportunity to work towards earning their Security Industry Certification, providing employment opportunities afterward. Relic Films, a car window tinting company, donated a couple raffle prizes for winners and had a booth set up to display their services. Last but certainly not least, Project Import. They offer their customers aftermarket performance parts for their cars. Not only did Project Import host a booth, but they also showed 2 cars and donated swag items to the raffle!

Everyone at StandUp for Kids would like to give a huge thank you to Ted Quinn, Advisory Board Member, for spearheading this event each year. We look forward to next year’s car show and hope to see you all there!