The Chance for a Better Life

Sep 24, 2018

How a helping hand changes lives

Richmond and his girlfriend were living with her sister until they got kicked out, along with their baby girl. They were living on the street in downtown Olympia when they saw the StandUp For Kids street outreach team and decided to ask for help.

Since that day, StandUp For Kids has provided the family with mentorship, apartment resources, food and help getting a driver’s license – all to aid them in their goal to become self-sufficient.

“StandUp For Kids has given us a chance for a better life,” he said. “They have always been there when I was in need. They provided us with confidence and self-worth.”

In addition to the assistance StandUp For Kids provided, other organizations helped support them in their journey to self-sufficiency. Family Support Center, Community Youth Services, and Rosie’s Place all lent a hand to the family when they were on the street and in need.

He said of his experience with StandUp For Kids, “I can take away self-confidence, self-improvements for my future life. I know I am stronger now.”

Now they try to help others by sharing information about StandUp For Kids and the services they offer. They have referred four others who were going through tough times, letting them know that they’ll be treated with respect and enabled to make their own decision without pressure.

“They stay with you through the whole process from beginning to end,” he said. “They care and they’re just a phone call away.”

If you or someone you know is living on the street and in need of help, please call us at 1-888-365-4543 to learn more about the services StandUp For Kids can provide.