StandUp for Kids – Orange County Launches “We Deliver” to Serve Needs of its Youth

May 1, 2020

StandUp for Kids – Orange County

The ongoing crisis has left much uncertainty for all and rightfully has been cause for anxiety and worry. This is especially true for the youth population who have been forced to deal with a variety of challenges that have arisen as a result of the unprecedented nature of current times.  

Recognizing this, the mentors and volunteers at StandUp for Kids are doing all they can to help their youth by providing both emotional and physical support.

From the early onset of the crisis, StandUp for Kids has been scheduling virtual tutoring and mentoring sessions for its youth providing them with needed academic guidance and moral compassion.

However, the volunteers and mentors at StandUp for Kids are always in search of different ways of providing positive impact in the lives of youth.

The “We Deliver” program, spearheaded by the efforts of StandUp for Kids- Orange County Mentoring Program Manager Denisze Zermeno and several others, is a collaboration that sees volunteers and staff members make weekly trips delivering food and housing supplies to youths at their homes. 

The crisis has paralyzed much of society forcing the shutdown of various businesses. Many families have been affected financially and have been forced to make difficult choices. 

It’s a story that Denisze has heard far too often recently. Specifically, there’s the story of a mother who has had her work be affected by the crisis and is now forced to choose between keeping a roof over her family’s heads or feeding her children. 

“She doesn’t have any money and so the little money that she has, she’s saving it to pay for her rent for next month. It’s either pay rent and not be homeless or buy groceries,” said Denisze. 

She, along with her team, are determined to help and are motivated by these stories to provide for those who have been hurt so that no choice has to made. 

The purpose of the “We Deliver” program extends beyond delivering supplies to youth. It’s a reminder from the volunteers and mentors at StandUp for Kids to their youth that they care and are ready to support them whenever needed. 

“We just move forward. We’ve tried to be there for them and be more supportive. We’re just making sure that they know that we are there for them,” said Denisze 

Currently there are around ten volunteers who are signing up each week to ensure that our youth are getting everything that they need.  

The volunteers and staff who are delivering groceries and housing supplies are mindful of the health of their youth and their families and have taken steps to ensure this process is done safely. 

As soon as the person comes out of the door, we place the groceries on the ground or sidewalk and make sure they take them before leaving,” said Denisze. 

Whether it is providing virtual tutoring and mentorship or delivering supplies to youth, there’s been a recognition amongst those at StandUp for Kids that now more than ever is the time to help 

No one is certain when this crisis will come to an end and when we’ll be able to return to a life of normalcy. The uncertainty of it all, however, doesn’t stop the volunteers and mentors at StandUp for Kids from exploring all avenues to support youth. If you would like to get involved with “We Deliver” by either volunteering or donating please email