See you in San Antonio

Sep 22, 2019

Starting Friday September 27, the entire StandUp for Kids family — from outreach volunteers, local leaders, and executive directors, to donors, national board, and staff — will convene in San Antonio, Texas for mark our 29th year, and partake in one very special National Conference.

The theme of this year’s conference is “Remember the Mission,” evoking the neaerby Alamo Mission’s cry. We thought it would be fitting to tie in local roots with our own mission of “ending the cycle of youth homelessness.” For the young people we serve, their own plea for independence rings ever so loudly in our ears and mobilizes us to take action. Together at this national conference, we have the ability to keep our own very important mission central to all that we do together. Through the 2019 theme of “Remember the Mission” we shall learn new and old ways to meet our goals and respond to calls for independence, one life at a time.

We give thanks to our on-the-ground program in San Antonio for arranging so many of the details. We look forward to seeing you there!