Remembering Chloe

Jul 15, 2021

StandUp for Kids – Orange County 

“She cared about every single person – especially the people who had it the hardest.”

“The most energetic, stubborn, artistic person I knew.”

“Everybody loved her.”

“Little artistic hustler selling her art around town.”

“Unapologetically herself.”

At the time of her passing in May 2021, Chloe’s 17 years were just beginning to scratch the surface of all she could have become. And although the identity she gained at the very end – accidental overdose victim – cast a dark shadow, her family and friends refuse to let these labels define her memory. Instead, they have chosen to honor the beauty of who she was at her core: someone who always cared about others more than herself.

Chloe had big plans for her future. She was on track to attend Long Beach State in the fall to study sociology, hoping to learn how best to help those affected by homelessness. Her heart had always belonged to those she saw as hurting. Her brother Rasmus recounts how Chloe genuinely connected with people living on the streets. “She just lit up” when she saw someone she knew, stopping to have a conversation and cheer them up. She begged her parents to foster once they became empty nesters, knowing what a difference it could make to a kid in need.

It was these parts of Chloe – the artistic, selfless young woman with limitless potential – that her family sought to memorialize after her passing. Rasmus designed her memorial service to honor her passion for giving away her art and reaching out to people experiencing homelessness. When they learned about the lives of the youth that StandUp for Kids has been able to touch, her friends and family shared one reaction: “That’s so Chloe.”

Rasmus organized a day at the park where loved ones could design paintings for and about Chloe, channeling their grief into the act of creation. And, alongside the art, attendees were invited to contribute to a donation to StandUp for Kids, in Chloe’s honor.

The link between Chloe’s compassion and StandUp for Kids’ mission of empowering homeless and at-risk youth continued to grow after Chloe’s memorial service. A family friend created a second fundraiser with the same goal, and her parents donated part of Chloe’s own savings. They have even started discussing fostering – just as Chloe had hoped – possibly even through the StandUp for Kids Host Homes program, which is slated to launch this year.

Chloe’s life was cut short, and nothing can erase that tragedy. But her family and loved ones have each sought to honor the radiant and creative generosity that defined Chloe during her life. Her legacy of connection with, and compassion for, those in the margins will continue through the gifts given in her honor, and the resulting impact we can make on the lives of youth experiencing homelessness. If you or someone you know needs our help, please reach out at 714-356-KIDS (5437) or [email protected] and connect with our program team today.