Partner Spotlight: The Crossing Church in Costa Mesa

Jun 5, 2020

StandUp for Kids – Orange County

During times of crisis there are those who standout. These individuals display a desire to help without expecting anything in return. Members of The Crossing Church have stepped up in these uncertain times and have provided much needed help to StandUp for Kids – Orange County.

Located in Costa Mesa, The Crossing Church opened 31 years ago with the goal of welcoming everyone, no matter their background or circumstance. It is an organization of overall acceptance. Throughout its history the church has consistently shown their commitment to helping those in need. Their efforts vary from book drives for a local elementary school to launching a check-in center that provides supply bins of toiletries and phone chargers for adults six days a week.

“The Crossing wanted to be a church for all people, including those that sit on the margins of society,” said Bruce Swerdfeger, Executive Pastor of The Crossing Church. Bruce has been involved with The Crossing Church for 20 years. In his current role, he oversees all ministries and outreach efforts to help the local community. Bruce, Lead Pastor Andrew Brownback and many other church parishioners are very connected to StandUp for Kids.

Executive Pastor Bruce Swerdfeger Lead Pastor Andrew Brownback

One of the many issues The Crossing Church strives to address is homelessness. That desire to help this population and the connection to Justine Palmore, Executive Director, led them to StandUp for Kids. The Crossing Church has been partnered with StandUp for Kids – Orange County for five years and is multi-faceted.

The Crossing Church has referred several youths seeking assistance to StandUp for Kids. The church has allowed the use of their facilities for monthly trainings, fundraisers and storage as needed which is very impactful.

During the current COVID-19 crisis the church has increased outreach with their congregation. They have developed a list of volunteers who are willing to provide assistance by delivering food or helping at the blood drive. The church has referred these individuals and others who have shown interest in e-mentoring and e-tutoring for StandUp for Kids, including Bruce’s entire family.

The Crossing Church parishioner dropping off a food donation to our office.

A few families from The Crossing Church have stepped up to help with food deliveries and donations. The church has also provided financial support to assist with feeding and housing StandUp For Kids youth many times over the years

Justine Palmore, Executive Director of StandUp for Kids – Orange County, attends the church with her husband and has been involved in outreach ministries. “The partnership with The Crossing has been invaluable. The congregation and leadership have extended their time, resources and love to our youth over and over. On a personal level, as a member, I feel totally supported. I couldn’t be more proud to call them my church home,” said Palmore.

Specifically, it is the dedication of church volunteers like Kim and John Severini who have been delivering groceries weekly to the youth. Also, Kelly Boaitey who is a monthly donor and has provided financial support to buy food. Then there is Valarie Doherman and Rich Granese who have signed up to e-mentor students providing them with guidance during this time. These are just some members of the church who have shown compassion and a willingness to help. They are role models who embody the mission of The Crossing Church.

“The Crossing Church is grateful for the work StandUp for Kids does in the community to help teens and young adults. We’re honored to partner with them during the COVID-19 crisis to provide virtual mentors, and necessary pantry supplies for kids,” shared Bruce.

At a time when any form of help can have a lasting impact, The Crossing Church and its members have stepped up and provided resources to continue supporting youth in the community. StandUp for Kids is appreciative of the kindness and generosity from The Crossing Church and are thrilled to call them a partner.

The ongoing work from StandUp for Kids during this crisis and on a daily basis would not be possible without the help from The Crossing Church and other organizations. If your organization would like to partner with StandUp for Kids, please email Mike ([email protected]) for more information.