Partner Spotlight: Moms Against Poverty

Jul 2, 2020

StandUp for Kids – Orange County

Despite an unexpected and prolonged crisis that has upended so much, StandUp for Kids – Orange County has remained steadfast in its support of youth and their families. Initiatives like online tutoring sessions and grocery deliveries have been made possible by volunteers and partners in the local community.  One of our closest partners is Moms Against Poverty, which has helped StandUp for Kids – Orange County find innovative ways to continue providing mentorship and guidance for its youth.

A California-based organization that operates globally, Moms Against Poverty was founded in 2008 by Delfarib Fanaie and others with the goal of empowering underprivileged youth by helping meet their basic needs.

Since its inception the organization has achieved remarkable progress in their mission to provide for youth a pathway to a brighter future. Various initiatives have been implemented intended to support youth with basic necessities and encourage development of fundamental skills. This includes programs that emphasize educational training for youth by fostering a productive academic environment.

For vice president and chief operations officer, Ladan Judge, and those at Moms Against Poverty, education is of the utmost importance for a youth and providing an environment that allows them to succeed academically is imperative.

“Our main goal and mission is to educate children and provide them with the tools that they need so that they can thrive and become self-sufficient members of their community,” said Ladan.

Ladan at an outreach event

Another one of the organization’s various initiatives that seeks to provide needed resources for youth is the hygiene program.

The issue of hygiene plays a role in the morale of a youth. With this initiative, Moms Against Poverty seeks to remove it as a potential distraction.

“We found that a lot of kids are unable to launder their clothes. They don’t have hygiene products at home to wash properly and without that it’s very difficult to have the dignity and pride within yourself to focus and learn,” said Ladan.

Moms Against Poverty has also implemented a nutrition outreach program as part of their mission to fulfill the needs of underprivileged youth. The program involves collaboration with local organizations like StandUp for Kids to best maximize reach and impact.

“There’s our nutrition outreach program. We work with partner centers such as StandUp for Kids who are on the front lines in supporting families and children,” said Ladan.

It’s something that is important to the organization because no youth should have to worry about where their next meal is going to come from. Instead their focus should be on school and self-improvement.

“We believe that food insecurity is a main component of that mission because you can’t develop skills or learn well if you’re hungry or your basic needs are not met,” said Ladan.

Amidst the crisis, the organization has helped finance some of StandUp for Kids – Orange County’s grocery shopping. These groceries have been delivered to the houses of youths and their families who have been economically affected by the present situation through our “We Deliver” program.

“Our partnership with Moms Against Poverty has been a godsend. Their contributions have helped us fill our pantry at the most needed time,” said Justine Palmore, Executive Director of StandUp for Kids – Orange County.

The work accomplished by Moms Against Poverty is nothing short of impressive. From helping build schools in Iran to establishing programs to serve the needs of youth throughout the United States, much progress has been made since the organization’s humble beginnings.

However, those like Ladan recognize that the impact that organizations like Moms Against Poverty and StandUp for Kids have comes from the participation of local communities.

“As a community we can bring support to so many individuals that are in need and create opportunities for all,” said Ladan.

The support StandUp for Kids has provided youth and their families during this crisis and on a daily basis is made achievable by the efforts of organizations like Moms Against Poverty. If your organization is seeking to help youth in such a crucial time and would like to be involved with StandUp for Kids please email [email protected] for more information!