OC Student Spotlight – Melany Sanchez

Oct 30, 2018

By Ryan Kincaid

For many students, after-school programs are a time to receive assistance with their studies. For others, it’s an opportunity to see their friends past 3 p.m. Finding the perfect balance, however, is what makes these programs most beneficial and enjoyable for the children.

Despite the fact that eighth-grader, Melany Sanchez, is practically counting down the days until the end of the school year, she understands that these experiences are priceless and that StandUp For Kids is here with her for every step towards achieving her dreams.

“I’d like to be a computer programmer,” exclaimed Melany without hesitation when we asked her what career she’d like to pursue. “I’d also like to be a mathematician or politician,” she furthered, laughing. Her favorite subject in school is currently science. As an aspiring mathematician, however, she joked that the material they’re learning in math class right now is too stressful to say that it’s her favorite course.

One project that she’s working on in school right now is finding a way to send potato chips to Vienna, Austria without risking the chips breaking. “That’s one of the fun projects we’re working on in class,” explained Melany. Another project that she’s spending time on is programming an Arduino, a programmable circuit board, that’s ultimately led to her aspirations of becoming a computer programmer.

If she isn’t studying or “stuck at school,” she enjoys spending her free time drawing and catching up on sleep. She’s developed a bit of a passion for drawing facial features and continues to refine her skills every day.

Though her dreams are big, the staff here at StandUp For Kids knows that Melany can accomplish whatever she sets out to do. She believes that she’ll never lose her love for the fun things in life and the everlasting smiles of her friends truly are a testament to the kind, fun-loving individual that Melany Sanchez is.

“StandUp For Kids is an amazing program. I choose to go there because everyone makes me feel welcome, and it’s like we are a big family. Also, this is where I go to do homework and I feel like I can rely on their help. Overall, I love being around these people and going to this program. ” 

Why we chose Melany
Melany lives in an apartment in a very tough neighbor in Anaheim.  Her mom is a single parent and works two jobs to support her children.  Melany has demonstrated that despite her environment,  she is willing to work hard and succeed in school, and in our after-school programs.  Melany never hesitates to help.