Mikaila’s Story

Mar 20, 2017

By: Savanna Clevenger

StandUp For Kids is continuing to change the lives of the OC youth. For twenty two year old Mikaila, joining StandUp For Kids has truly changed her life. After joining the program and finding help and hope among her mentors, Mikaila says she is very happy to have found StandUp For Kids.       

After facing substance abuse issues, Mikaila was introduced to StandUp For Kids by a family friend, one of the mentors in the program. Mikaila says that she was introduced to drugs when she was only sixteen, and had it not been for StandUp For Kids, she may still be in the same place she started off. StandUp For Kids assisted Mikaila with getting into a rehabilitation facility, groceries, hygiene products, job readiness, goal setting, and overall emotional support from mentors.

The skills that Mikaila has learned through the StandUp For Kids’ housing and rehab program will now be able to help her prepare for a brighter future. “It has helped me learn how to manage my life with work and budgeting.” she said.

Mikaila believes StandUp For Kids is an important organization because it helps kids get out of trouble.

Now, Mikaila hopes within the next five years to be working full time and have her own place. As for her advice for anyone in the position she once was, she sends this inspiring message: “Know there is help, and you can accomplish your dreams.”