Michelle’s Story: A Life Reset

Jan 19, 2018

Michelle “Beautiful” was in a bad place. Homeless on and off for more than four years, Michelle knew she needed help both emotionally and physically. Then she met the volunteers at StandUp For Kids – Houston.

“They helped me with the proper nutrition as well as school and employment opportunities,” says Michelle. “They gave me the support I needed to build and maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

Now more than five years later, Michelle has really turned her life around. She’s earned her high school diploma and cosmetology license as well as other job permits and skills. Currently, she is employed as a home health care aide while going to school to earn a two-year business management degree.

Michelle admits she’s not where she wants to be just yet, but she knows she has come a long way in learning how to deal with life’s obstacles.

“I am growing in my wisdom as I get older,” she says. “I’m progressing slowly but accomplishing each goal one by one. My experience with StandUp has been and continues to help me in the best way they can,” Michelle says. “Now that I’m much older (wiser), I am truly grateful to have the volunteers in my life. If it wasn’t for them, I would not have had the certain necessities I needed to survive. Thank you for everything!”

StandUp For Kids – Houston is certainly proud of Michelle and all of her accomplishments and wishes her great success in her future!