Meet Kyndall, Our New Development Coordinator

Sep 18, 2018

Meet Kyndall Thiessen. She’s our new Development Coordinator and she starts work at our National Office this week. Learn more about her in her own words below.

Why did you choose StandUp For Kids?

I started my career in child advocacy, so I have always had a passion for working with youth. What really drew me to StandUp For Kids was its grassroots, volunteer-based model. I sensed that the people involved in the organization were dedicated to its mission and to the youth it serves, so I was excited to be a part of that team.

What excites you about helping to end the cycle of youth homelessness?

I am excited about learning the various factors that contribute to the cycle of youth homelessness, and learning from the kids themselves as to what is needed to end the cycle. I look forward to working for an organization that empowers youth to reach their goals and continue to grow so that their children may not face the same obstacles they have faced.

What do you hope to bring to the Development Coordinator position?

I will bring with me an expertise that can build a successful infrastructure to StandUp For Kids’ growing development plan. At the same time, I hope to bring an excitement about the mission and a creativity that will engage constituents and encourage them to give!

What did you do before joining our staff?

I have worked for a few different nonprofit organizations, both as a direct service provider and “behind the scenes” in development. Most recently, I was the Development Coordinator for an organization that provided services to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and elder abuse. As is the case for many nonprofit workers, I wore many hats, from coordinating special events, to managing volunteers, to fixing the printer!

What three essential items would you stuff in your backpack if you had to leave home suddenly?

Phone, water bottle, and chapstick.

What five words describe what you do when you’re off the clock?

Friends, family, baking, outdoors, and animals.

What is your go-to karaoke song, or the one you believe you’d slay if you performed it?

“Total Eclipse of the Heart.”

What is your favorite family recipe?

Our best “secret” recipe is my granddaddy’s famous southern cornbread dressing. I make it every year for Thanksgiving!

What is your favorite thing about the Atlanta area?

The diversity and the food!

Welcome Kyndall! We’re happy to have you join our team!