Meet Felice

Dec 14, 2017

Felice (front row, second from left) in her element with some fellow Chicago volunteers and youth participants. 


Meet Felice Schlessinger! Since Felice joined the StandUp For Kids – Chicago team just about two years ago, she has poured her heart and soul into our organization and the youth we serve each and every day!   

The Chicago team quickly recognized that Felice was an invaluable asset. She rose up the ranks quickly to become our lead volunteer each Monday night at our Outreach Center. After about one year of volunteering, Felice was asked to serve on Chicago’s advisory council. Thankfully she accepted and is now involved and rooted in the Chicago organization on every level.

What makes Felice stand out is her pure and unconditional love for the kids we serve. Many of our youth come every single Monday night simply to be around Felice. She inspires and motivates our kids to be the best that they can be–regardless of how bleak their current situation may seem. She is the first to celebrate their victories with them, and the first to provide a shoulder to lean on when they suffer a setback.

Felice’s role as a mentor to our Chicago youth does not end when she leaves the Center on Monday evenings. Whether she is busy looking for potential job opportunities for the kids, or hustling to get much needed funding, clothing and supplies, Felice is thinking about Chicago’s youth constantly! Put simply, Felice is a tireless advocate for homeless youth, who strives every day to enrich and better their lives.