Meet Andy

Feb 24, 2022

StandUp for Kids – Orange County 

Early Life

Now 19 years old, Andy grew up in Santa Ana, where he remembers facing most of his struggles alongside his mom. There were financial hardships, and because of this, they had to accommodate and adjust to life. Sharing the same living space as two other families was the norm and the only way they could afford a place to live. This living situation was short-lived, as one day, they were unexpectedly told to leave. In the face of this new adversity, Andy not only lost the place he called home, but he also lost his mom. She left him to fend for himself, leading him to sleep in friends’ cars or couch surfing from one place to the next.

Overcoming challenges

Now, despite the challenges he had faced, Andy persevered and finished high school, ultimately getting a job in retail and finding ways to stay afloat. Unfortunately, life kept throwing Andy obstacles to overcome. He injured his back while working out which, along with COVID-19, affected his work status, ultimately leaving him unemployed. He stayed with a friend in Garden Grove when he first contacted StandUp for Kids. Things were finally taking a turn for the better. 

New beginnings

StandUp for Kids has helped Andy become a more responsible version of himself. He started an internship with Imperial Sprinkle Supply (ISS) and later secured a full-time job. Andy’s life has changed for the better. He is now in StandUp for Kids Rapid Rehousing Program, which helped him find an apartment that he shares with two roommates. Finally, he has a place he can call his own. There is a promising future ahead. All this is possible thanks to those who support and contribute to StandUp for Kids’ mission.