Meet Alejandra and Beto

Aug 22, 2017

Alejandra, age 16, and Beto, age 15, are brother and sister who both attend weekly meetings at our Anaheim Outreach Center. The two of them were born in Mexico and grew up in Anaheim, CA. They left Mexico when Alejandra was 2 years old and Beto was 1. Currently, they live with their mom, dad, younger brother, and another family in a small apartment in Anaheim.

Alejandra has been coming to the center since 2011. During that time, her father had just been deported back to Mexico and she was struggling both emotionally and academically due to issues in her home. She was responsible for most of the chores in her house, cooking for her siblings, and making sure they got to school. Going to the center gave Alejandra a break from responsibilities and a chance to take care of herself and her school work.

Beto has been coming to the center since 2015, when he made a decision to get help with homework assignments and upcoming school projects. He says, “I was worried and stressed because I was not doing the best in school.” With no other resources for free tutoring, school supplies, and homework assistance, Beto was glad to come to StandUp For Kids.

Both students have dreams to move out of their house and find a career that is enjoyable for them and will make them successful so they can have the best life possible. Beto hopes to go to college and major in computer engineering and Alejandra, who has a passion for photography, hopes to one day turn her passion into a successful business.

Their family members and friends are very supportive of their decision to join StandUp For Kids. Alejandra says, “My mom is very supportive and appreciates all the help, donations, emotional support, and my improvement in school.” By attending outreach at the center, Alejandra recognizes that she is now more outgoing and feels more capable of standing up for what she believes in and Beto has noticed that he is more focused in school and his grades have improved.

When asked who, from StandUp For Kids, has made the most impact in their lives, Alejandra says, “Sandy. She was like a second mom to me. She helped me get away from self-harm and taught me how to love myself.” Beto answered, “Carlia gives me great advice and suggestions for which school to attend in the future and has reassured me that I can reach my goals.”