LoveSac Entrepreneur, Shawn Nelson, Provides Comfort to Newly Housed Youth

Aug 25, 2022

StandUp for Kids – Orange County

Shawn Nelson, founder of LoveSac, an American furniture retailer generously donated furniture to StandUp for Kids! LoveSac’s contribution has impacted our youth by providing furniture that is not only comfortable but will last a lifetime. 

Shawn Nelson founded LoveSac during his youth. He was only 18 years old when he created the first LoveSac, a bean bag-like seat filled with proprietary Durafoam. LoveSac started as a side hustle to get Shawn through college, and he explored different fabrics and bead options to elevate the levels and quality of newer LoveSac models. He sold them locally to friends and people in his community. His market quickly grew, and now, approximately 24 years later, LoveSac has grown to be a huge success. 

His entrepreneurship and drive developed around his upbringing with his self-employed parents, so as a young entrepreneur starting his career, Shawn quickly recognized the value of a strong work ethic and perseverance. His father was a realtor and his mother ran her own ballet studio. Recently, Shawn’s mother had retired from the ballet studio which Shawn saw as an opportunity for certain fabrics to be repurposed for his LoveSac furniture.

By donating furniture to StandUp for Kids, Shawn strives to support youth experiencing homelessness. Shawn was seeking to partner with an organization, especially after realizing they had a bunch of practically brand new furniture collecting dust in a warehouse. Rather than allowing the items to sit around and not be used, Shawn felt it should be given someone who could utilize it. He first heard about StandUp for Kids from his Public Relations and Project Specialist, Nate Zubal, who found our organization while browsing online. 

Upon reading our mission, they both felt their products could benefit youth experiencing homelessness in need of furnishing. Shawn respects their challenges and determination to defy any myths and stereotypes they encounter. Shawn felt connected to StandUp for Kids through his nephew, who suffered from brain trauma. His nephew lived through a supportive organization, similar to StandUp for Kids, which strengthened his ability to live more independently. Youth suffering from brain trauma, like his nephew, are more at risk to be on the streets. Which is why Shawn felt inspired to donate beautiful furniture that can help our youth at StandUp for Kids. 

“The couch is the new kitchen table.” 

One of the five guiding principles from LoveSac relates couches to be the renovated version of the previous kitchen table atmosphere. Previously, kitchen tables were established to be the center of the home, where a family comes together. Recently, that has changed, living rooms are the most used spaces for families in their homes. Many intimate conversations and memorable moments happen on the couch, which is why Shawn strives to create beautiful and comfortable furniture. Families can come together and live their lives more comfortably. 

Shawn has created a successful brand with an enormous platform, and charitable causes play an active, important role for LoveSac. Shawn feels LoveSac can utilize their brand and goods to create more opportunities for other communities like StandUp for Kids. 

We want to give a HUGE thank you to everyone at LoveSac who has participated in assisting our youth with furnishing their new homes. We’d like to shout out both Shawn Nelson and Nate Zubal, who have opened their hearts and kindness into our organization. We are extremely grateful for all the support and donations they have contributed to StandUp for Kids!