Jordan and Jacob: A Couple’s Path to a Better Life

Aug 23, 2019

StandUp for Kids – Orange County

Living on the streets tore 21-year-old Jordan’s and 24-year-old Jacob’s lives apart. The couple had spent two years trying to get off the streets before they connected with StandUp for Kids. They had lost hope, but now they are on their way to a future they never thought was possible. “I wish it was easier for kids to get off the streets. I wish it was easier for everyone to get off the streets,” says Jordan. 

Before they became homeless, the two knew each other from school. Jacob grew up in an abusive and alcoholic environment. Struggling with ADHD and Bipolar Disorder, Jacob developed bad habits and spent time in and out of jail. Jordan, meanwhile, lived with her abusive father until she moved out at 18-years-old after she became pregnant. In that time, she unfortunately suffered a miscarriage. 

After some time, the two reconnected and eventually got married. But life on the streets almost ruined their marriage. Aside from dealing with the judgment from strangers and the circumstances they couldn’t control, the two separated.

Jordan moved in with a close friend. Jacob was alone and spiraled into depression. He struggled to control his tendencies. At this point, he was drinking three bottles of liquor a day and also using cocaine. Wanting to change for Jordan, Jacob worked to stop his addictions. The two got back together, but they were still on the streets.

Actively seeking a way out, they tried working with several organizations, but nothing would stick. The two didn’t want to be separated, and they had a dog, Tinkerbell, who they love and couldn’t leave. (Many housing providers do not take in couples or individuals with pets.)

Finally, in May 2019, Carlia from StandUp for Kids approached them in a parking lot. After speaking with the young couple, Jordan and Jacob were off the streets within 24 hours. Two years of struggling to get off the streets ended when the couple was placed in Sober Living while their dog was temporarily fostered by StandUp for Kids.

The two are starting to work toward building their future together. Jordan now interns with StandUp for Kids, and Jacob is working as a security guard.

Before StandUp for Kids, the two had more than enough reason to lose hope, yet with us, they found acceptance and efficient solutions. Jacob said about StandUp for KIds, “They actually care. They’re not just an organization. They make it as much about family as they can.”

The pair are working hard, together, to build a life where they can have a house with a big yard for Tinkerbell.

You can watch Jordan and Jacob’s story in a recent NBC 4 – Los Angeles clip.