February 2020 Donor Spotlight: Shadi Shaffer

Feb 18, 2020

StandUp for Kids – Orange County 

Every day at StandUp for Kids, countless homeless and at-risk youth are taken under our wing. In transitioning them from crisis to connection, our efforts are entirely made possible by the support of our donors, community partners and volunteers alike. This month, we would like to showcase the efforts of a long-time donor, volunteer and advisory board member of ten years, Shadi A. Shaffer, and congratulate her with our Donor Spotlight for February 2020.

Over ten years ago, Shadi A. Shaffer was introduced to Justine Palmore, Executive Director of StandUp for Kids, by an associate attorney, Daniel Alexander, who provided legal services and assistance to youth in need. Inspired by their endless love, commitment and philanthropic patronage to a mission so pure – ending youth homelessness, one life at a time – Shadi volunteered her time and efforts offering similar pro bono legal support and counsel to underserved teens. From there on, she says the rest is history.

As a mother of three children and co-founder of her own practice that she and associate attorney, Patrick Phancao, started fifteen years ago, Asset Protection & Elder Law Center, Shadi is no stranger to family law. In fact, one of the cornerstones of her firm is family and giving back. As of the latter five years, she has utilized her practice as another avenue to help promote StandUp for Kids.

“These children are everything and it breaks my heart to know that they have to endure these kinds of circumstances,” Shadi says. “So, any chance I get, I always try to promote the organization and recruit new volunteers and supporters. Be it monetarily or through personal outreach, there’s different ways we can all help change the lives of these children and teens. We’re powerful in numbers.”

A light in the dark, Shadi’s altruistic nature is always reflective in her actions and the way she speaks so lovingly of our youth and organization. Any chance she gets, she will help raise money for our cause. Among the countless ways that she shows her support, last year she and her husband, Lucas, helped put on the Cars for a Cause Car Show in Laguna Beach, CA as well as helped to champion funds for the StandUp for Kids 2019 Gala Dinner.

If Shadi’s advocacy and patronage have inspired you, feel free to reach out to us. We are always looking to acquire new volunteers, donors and community leaders as members of our family. As Shadi says, we are powerful in numbers. On behalf of all of us here at StandUp for Kids, we thank members like Shadi and every one of you for your tireless and selfless efforts to fulfill our vision.

Thank you.