Communities Leading By Example

Nov 9, 2018

By Ryan Kincaid

As election season has come and gone, we often find ourselves wondering, “What’s next?”

In the case of StandUp For Kids, a very important proposition was passed this past Tuesday. Our mission is well documented; we strive to prevent youth homelessness. However, we certainly can’t do it alone. This is why dedicated support systems are imperative to our organization and its mission. In addition to our valued donors, we also often need a little additional help from the state legislature.

In last week’s election, California’s Proposition 2 was passed with a heavy majority. Proposition 2 is essentially a continuation of 2016’s Proposition 63, which allowed spending from revenue bonds to create housing for the homeless. The reason Proposition 63 needed to be revisited though is because the original ballot didn’t explicitly state the source of the funds. Once it was decided that the money would come from the 2018 increased millionaire tax, the initiative resurfaced on the ballots.

Accepted legislation like Proposition 2 and 63 before it allow organizations like StandUp For Kids to continue taking huge strides toward rectifying the homelessness issue.

Furthermore, it was announced earlier this week that the city of Anaheim would be opening up a second homeless shelter. According to the Orange County Register, “The site, at 3431 E. La Palma Ave., will join a planned homeless shelter on Lewis Street to be run by the Salvation Army, providing a total of 325 shelter beds by early next year.”

The new shelter will be located adjacent to The Salvation Army’s currently existing rehabilitation center. The shelter will offer emergency and support services for those that require them. 

Initiatives such as the opening of new shelters and operation of outreach programs are just a few of the ways we can all fight to remedy the homelessness situation. Support from the community is key and that’s just as apparent as ever.

Thank you for continuing to stand with us! To learn more about what we do and how you can get involved, click here.