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Ensuring Food Security - Lili's Impact

January 26 2023

StandUp for Kids - Orange County  In August 2022, StandUp for Kids – Orange County received a fantastic addition to our volunteer team, Lili! She currently attends Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, CA, pursuing her degree in Liberal Studies. Slated to graduate in 2025, she is eager to utilize her time here at StandUp for Kids to impact youth throughout the county and gain transferable experience toward her goal of becoming an elementary school teacher. Her primary role at StandUp for Kids is her involvement in our WeDeliver program. Her day-to-day activities include: Organizing and stocking our food pantry when we receive new donations. Packaging food delivery ...

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Meet Francisco: Emergency Shelter to Home Sweet Home

January 4 2023

StandUp for Kids - Orange County  After being kicked out of the house by his mom in 2021, Francisco (21) left in his car and drove to Las Vegas, where he said he was searching for a fresh start. He ended up living out of his vehicle and was hesitant to seek help. After a month, he returned to Orange County, where he called 211, an emergency number for housing assistance. Francisco was connected with a local shelter. He felt out of place in the shelter; some people there were older than him and used drugs. Francisco would search for employment and visit friends, which made him feel like “a normal person" for a short time. While at the shelter, he was connected with StandUp for ...

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Peter's Experience as a Virtual Mentor

January 4 2023

StandUp for Kids - Orange County  Meet Peter, one of our incredible mentors at StandUp for Kids. He was introduced to the organization through a virtual lunch with his company, eVisions. Since becoming a mentor, Peter has helped his mentee with college applications, career guidance, following their passions, understanding finances, and creating a stable footing while transitioning into adulthood. As a virtual mentor, Mr. Wilbur found it difficult at the beginning to differentiate guidance and mentorship from instruction. He stated, “I don’t want to come across as some know-it-all… because I don’t know it all! A big portion of the position calls for listening ...

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Jasmine and Rachel - A Story of Hope, Encouragement, and Bonds

November 18 2022

StandUp for Kids - Orange County  Jasmine, a young girl from Montevallo, California, moved to Huntington Beach and started attending Westminster High School, searching for a fresh start. However, her troubles followed her wherever she went. Jasmine's mom was in and out of the house due to addiction. Although she did get sober, Jasmine was left alone to navigate life during the impressionable years. At 18, her mom told her that she needed to move out. With no one to help, Jasmine sought assistance within her new community of Orange County. Fortunately, she stumbled upon StandUp for Kids, seeking help with a place to stay. Jasmine, now a high school senior, reached out to StandUp for ...

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Isaac's Story

November 10 2022

StandUp for Kids - Orange County I left home at the age of 17, looking for a better life than living with my mom and stepfather, who verbally and physically abused me. Life on my own was not as easy as I thought it would be, but I felt I had no other choice. Eventually, I went to one of the few youth shelters in the city. The youth shelter was faith-based, and for a young gay guy this was not a good fit. I was soon back on the street, with more attempts at finding work and an apartment - both with intermittent brief successes and failures, but eventually leading me back to another try at the youth shelter. Again, it did not work. After some more time on the street, I decided to use the ...

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Darshell's story

November 10 2022

StandUp for Kids - Orange County  I was 15 when I got pregnant with twins. Their father, 21, was very abusive to me and he was cheating. When I was 8 months pregnant he pushed me out of the bed and I lost one of the twins and I had to have the other early. She was 4 pounds. My mom and I took care of her. For a year everything was great. Her dad was never in her life, and I never expected him to be after what happened. When I turned 17 Mom started dating Mike. He was talking about having sex with me and I didn’t want any part of that. I told my mom about it, but she was naive because she was in love. I found out about Job Corps and two weeks later I left. I got my GED and my ...

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