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Giving Up Is Never A Choice: Natalee’s Journey Towards Stability

September 6 2022

StandUp for Kids - Orange County  We’ve all heard the saying “two under 2” is tough. Now imagine three kids, all under the age of five, while also experiencing homelessness. While it may feel like the odds are against her some days, Natalee nevertheless keeps on persevering.  At 24 years old, this mother of three and her husband had been experiencing homelessness for months, as they had fallen on hard times regardless of Natalee’s husband working full-time. Despite her circumstances, Natalee tried her best to accomplish what she could with grace. She never complained, showed any anger, or showed she was having a bad day otherwise, all for the sake of her ...

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LoveSac Entrepreneur, Shawn Nelson, Provides Comfort to Newly Housed Youth

August 25 2022

StandUp for Kids - Orange County Shawn Nelson, founder of LoveSac, an American furniture retailer generously donated furniture to StandUp for Kids! LoveSac’s contribution has impacted our youth by providing furniture that is not only comfortable but will last a lifetime.  Shawn Nelson founded LoveSac during his youth. He was only 18 years old when he created the first LoveSac, a bean bag-like seat filled with proprietary Durafoam. LoveSac started as a side hustle to get Shawn through college, and he explored different fabrics and bead options to elevate the levels and quality of newer LoveSac models. He sold them locally to friends and people in his community. His market quickly ...

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What ‘Back to School’ Means For Youth Experiencing Homelessness

August 2 2022

StandUp for Kids - Orange County  As we get closer to the end of summer, the air is filled with excitement from the changing season, and the stores are filled with people as everyone rushes to prepare for the new school year. Suppose you remember those times in your young life. In that case, you might remember many emotions about going back to school, like thinking about seeing friends you didn't see all summer or being in a new grade, or possibly even a new school.  You might also remember fears or worries, like: Will I like my teachers this year? Will my clothes be cool enough? Will I find a ride to school every day? Will I have a safe place to study after school? Will I find a ...

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Meet Iris: From Couch Surfing to Home Sweet Home

July 19 2022

StandUp for Kids - Orange County  Meet one of our recently housed youth, Iris! She had been struggling with housing insecurity, couch surfing (sleeping on friend's couches), while trying to find a place to rent. She is currently attending college and working, so finding stable housing was an urgent need. Luckily, one of Iris' friends told her about StandUp for Kids, and we were able to connect with her! After completing her intake, Iris committed to our JTS (Journey to Self-Sufficiency) Program. This program entails attending weekly meetings and meeting with her mentor and case manager. Iris' case manager also got her into our Rapid Re-housing Program. She focused on looking for units ...

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July 2022 Volunteer of the Month: Jason Chon

July 12 2022

StandUp for Kids - Orange County  At StandUp for Kids, our primary purpose is to serve the homeless and at-risk youth population by addressing many different aspects of their lives. At our outreach centers, we focus on teaching and mentoring youth on various meaningful life and academic skills to help them succeed in life and at school.  This month, we want to highlight the exceptional efforts of Jason Chon, who has contributed tremendously to accomplishing these goals. Jason is a rising Senior at Canyon High school. He has been volunteering for the past three years, starting during his freshman year.  For starting an online Summer Study Skills Camp, Jason says, “I ...

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Wheely Great Car Show - OC's 3rd Annual Car Show Recap

July 7 2022

StandUp for Kids - Orange County  This past June 18, we hosted our 3rd annual car show sponsored by KIA of Irvine at The Crossing Church. We want to thank The Crossing Church for the donated venue and KIA of Irvine for the support! We had a significant turnout, with many different car owners showing off their vehicles. From old-time classics to sporty new cars, there was something for everyone to enjoy! Besides cars, there was also great food from the Vacaloca food truck, which offered delicious street food. Aside from the food truck, ForGoodnessCakes also set up a booth with tasty treats! The treats satisfied our sweet tooth with car-themed goodies. We had various different raffle ...

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