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Hope for Dilan

September 26 2019

StandUp for Kids - Orange County For youth in difficult circumstances, often it’s because of things they cannot control. But for UCLA freshman, Dilan, his circumstances did not hinder him from success. With help from several organizations, including StandUp for Kids, he was able to strive for a better life.   Born in Germany, Dilan arrived in America when he was five years old. With his four other siblings, mother and step-father, they lived in and out of hotel rooms. Growing up in such an unstable environment fostered Dilan’s want to be independent. Dilan’s mother kicked him out at the beginning of ...

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See you in San Antonio

September 22 2019

Starting Friday September 27, the entire StandUp for Kids family -- from outreach volunteers, local leaders, and executive directors, to donors, national board, and staff -- will convene in San Antonio, Texas for mark our 29th year, and partake in one very special National Conference. The theme of this year's conference is "Remember the Mission," evoking the neaerby Alamo Mission's cry. We thought it would be fitting to tie in local roots with our own mission of "ending the cycle of youth homelessness." For the young people we serve, their own plea for independence rings ever so loudly in our ears and mobilizes us to take action. Together at this national conference, we have the ability ...

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Join Us In Welcoming Judi Wickham, Director of Volunteers

September 3 2019

StandUp for Kids - Orange County by Carlia Oldfather We are so excited and grateful to welcome Judi Wickham to her new leadership role. Although Judi has been volunteering with StandUp for Kids - Orange County for more than five months, it wasn't until a few weeks back that Judi approached StandUp with the desire to do more. Judi quickly felt motivated and inspired to take on one of the most important roles in any non-profit organization, Director of Volunteers. Judi will facilitate all monthly Volunteer Training, work directly with me on developing and implementing a Strategic Volunteer Engagement Plan and she will lead all of the Orange County chapter's volunteer support & engagement ...

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Jordan and Jacob: A Couple’s Path to a Better Life

August 23 2019

StandUp for Kids - Orange County Living on the streets tore 21-year-old Jordan’s and 24-year-old Jacob’s lives apart. The couple had spent two years trying to get off the streets before they connected with StandUp for Kids. They had lost hope, but now they are on their way to a future they never thought was possible. “I wish it was easier for kids to get off the streets. I wish it was easier for everyone to get off the streets,” says Jordan.  Before they became homeless, the two knew each other from school. Jacob grew up in an abusive and alcoholic environment. Struggling with ADHD and Bipolar Disorder, Jacob developed bad habits and spent time in and out of ...

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Jordan and Jacob's Story on NBC 4 Los Angeles

August 12 2019

StandUp for Kids - Orange County NBC 4 in Los Angeles featured a story about two remarkable young people, Jordan and Jacob. Their story helped demonstrate the impactful, personal connections we build with our youth. If you happened to miss the clip, watch it above or go to the NBC4 website. And be sure to read more about Jordan and Jacob in our related blog post.    

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A Silent Crisis

August 9 2019

By Dr. Stephanie Schneider For too many college students, worries about exams and research papers often take a back seat to finding a place to sleep. Studies on California campuses tell us that 4% of UC students, 12% of CSU students, and nearly 20% of community college students are either housing-insecure (not sure they if they will have housing in the near future) or are outright homeless – sleeping in their cars, on fellow students’ couches, or even in campus libraries. This means that in Orange County, over 20,000 students face these challenges each year. Students take many paths that lead to this situation. Some were homeless before college and were admitted without a ...

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