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Looking Back on 30 Years: Andrew

May 13 2020

StandUp for Kids - Orange County Andrew is from the Southeast Florida city of Fort Lauderdale and had lived there for the first 15 years of his life. Andrew's childhood was more difficult than most. Andrew lost his mother at the young age of 7 years old. Consequently, Andrew went to live with his father and step-mother after his mother’s passing. At the age of 15 Andrew and his family moved from Florida to California and at the age of 17 Andrew decided to leave home and live on his own.   He explained that his decision to leave home came with a high degree of challenges. With no job and no help from his family, Andrew faced his fair share of struggles with ...

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May 2020 Supporter Spotlight: Jeanine Moss

May 13 2020

StandUp for Kids - Orange County Homeless youth are always in crisis. Whether it’s a violent home, neglect and abandonment, or a worldwide pandemic, homeless youth can’t “shelter in place.”  That’s the reality Jeanine Moss was moved by when she reached out to support StandUp for Kids in 2019 since moving back to the Southland after several decades working in branding, marketing and business development in New York City.  This month, StandUp for Kids recognizes Jeanine Moss with the distinction of Supporter of the Month for May 2020.  Jeanine came ...

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StandUp for Kids - Orange County Launches "We Deliver" to Serve Needs of its Youth

May 1 2020

StandUp for Kids - Orange County The ongoing crisis has left much uncertainty for all and rightfully has been cause for anxiety and worry. This is especially true for the youth population who have been forced to deal with a variety of challenges that have arisen as a result of the unprecedented nature of current times.   Recognizing this, the mentors and volunteers at StandUp for Kids are doing all they can to help their youth by providing both emotional and physical support. From the early onset of the crisis, StandUp for Kids has been scheduling virtual tutoring and mentoring sessions for its youth providing them with needed academic guidance and moral ...

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A Big Thank You To All of Our Volunteers!

April 17 2020

StandUp for Kids - Orange County  With the coming arrival of National Volunteer Week, StandUp for Kids would like to take a moment to highlight the contributions of its volunteers who strive each day to provide a better future for youth and students. Volunteers at StandUp for Kids know the importance of mentorship in the development of youth. Amidst a crisis that has caused so much uncertainty, volunteers at StandUp for Kids have remained determined and resolute in supporting their youth.  The closure of schools has negatively impacted students because they no longer have access to a stable personalized learning environment. It’s an unprecedented situation that sees many ...

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COVID-19 Impact Report – College Students in Orange County

April 8 2020

StandUp for Kids - Orange County  According to statewide data, last year 13% of community college students, 12% of CSU undergraduates, and 4% of UC undergraduates faced housing insecurity or homelessness. In Orange County this translates as up to 14,000 college students aged 18 – 24, living in cars, on the couches of friends, or in other unsafe arrangements at some point in the year. Several of our nine community colleges have confirmed that there are over 1,000 students on their campus who report themselves to be either currently homeless or at high risk of homelessness. These numbers are pre-COVID-19; numbers may be even higher today. We compiled additional data last month in ...

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Looking Back on 30 Years: Donny's Story

April 3 2020

StandUp for Kids - Orange County Amidst difficult and uncertain times, it’s important to reflect and be grateful for all that we have. Throughout the country, many homeless youths are faced with an uncertain reality, unsure of their next meal and sleeping place. Their story is not unlike that of Donny who came to StandUp for Kids in search of guidance and mentorship.  Life growing up seemed like an endless fight for Donny. There were never moments of peace for Donny. Instead it was perpetual battles with both his family and his ...

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