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Stepping Into The Light - Jeffrey

January 8 2021

StandUp for Kids - Orange County Born in Santa Ana and raised in Anaheim, Jeffrey’s life has been one of struggle – but also persistence. Growing up, he and his four siblings went from the care of their abusive mother to their abusive stepfather, and were eventually taken in by Jeffrey’s biological father. But far from being a loving home, it was clear that their presence was only valued for the government aid and food stamps they brought the household. Around this time, Jeffrey began hanging out with local gang members and getting into trouble: his friends introduced him to weed and alcohol at age twelve. Lacking affection and affirmation from his parents, Jeffrey was ...

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Morgan - A Raging Fire Inside

December 18 2020

StandUp for Kids - Orange County Some people have so much character that "lively" doesn't encapsulate their energetic personality. This is true of Morgan, a youth who's been with StandUp for Kids for the past year. At just 23 years old, Morgan has been through several lifetimes' worth of struggles, yet remains strong. Morgan's fiery personality has gotten her into trouble at times. It's also brought her through the darkest of days and warmed all of our hearts at StandUp for Kids. Morgan was raised by a single mother, who had her at a young age. They lived in the projects of Mason City, Iowa, relying on welfare and food stamps to make ends meet. With her mother working constantly, Morgan ...

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Bonds of Steel – The Story of Isaac

November 18 2020

StandUp for Kids - Orange County Isaac is 23 years old and just started his career as a welder a few weeks ago. The job suits him quite well, not only because Isaac has a knack and a passion for welding, but because he is an expert at creating bonds. All his life, it seems that Isaac has managed to draw people together and form a team that supports one another. The bonds he forges may go through some periods of wear. However, Isaac does the necessary maintenance to keep them healthy and intact, much like the metal structures and machinery he welds at his job. Isaac grew up in a good family with his older brother, mother, and father. Religious differences would eventually cause his older ...

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November 2020 Supporter Spotlight: Kim Pennington

November 18 2020

StandUp for Kids - Orange County The coronavirus pandemic has altered the American way of life, from social distancing to mask requirements and the mandatory stay at home orders. But what about the individuals who don't have a home to begin with? StandUp for Kids has been hard at work to help these homeless youth this year and since our inception. Our Supporter of the Month Kim Pennington has been a key contributor to our success this year. Kim was born and raised in Huntington Beach, CA. She is married with two kids and works with her husband running a business. In her spare time she enjoys California's beautiful weather by riding horses, hiking, and kayaking. Kim and her family Kim saw ...

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A Force For Good: Why Walmart and Their Employees Give Back

November 6 2020

StandUp for Kids - Orange County StandUp for Kids - Orange County would like to highlight one of our most recent corporate partners, Walmart, and the dedication their employees have in giving back to their community. The fuel for the partnership came from Neil Sarreshteh, an employee with Walmart for the last 21 years and currently the E-Commerce Manager for 18 stores in southern California. Neil has also been volunteering for StandUp for Kids for the past year, working directly with homeless youth in the 18-24 age range. Neil came across StandUp for Kids while looking for an organization to get involved with that directly impacted how people in her community were living. She felt it was a ...

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Expanding Our Housing Impact – New Hires Arlene & Stephanny

November 4 2020

StandUp for Kids - Orange County In uncertain times like these, StandUp for Kids - Orange County finds it especially important and necessary to double our efforts in helping at-risk youths forge a path for a better future. One of the most significant ways to impact them is to provide safety and shelter. That is why we're excited to share more about strides made in our affordable housing program.  Our housing program seeks to help place our youths in stable long-term living situations and give them the resources to succeed. StandUp for Kids recognizes that it isn't enough to find housing for our youth. We ensure that when we house our youth they are supported and given the tools to ...

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