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From Couch Surfing & Airbnbs to Stability & Sanctuary - Meeka’s Story

March 11 2021

StandUp for Kids - Orange County  For 20-year-old Meeka, growing up has been anything but predictable. Adopted as a toddler, her new parents already had three much-older children of their own. They were always moving, and she was in turn forced to jump from school to school. Combined with harsh restrictions around seeing friends and the identity issues inherent in being adopted, both her social connections and her relationship with her parents began to suffer. Looking back, Meeka believes their intentions were loving; but her parents’ strict demeanor led to her acting out, exhausted with the constant inability to, in simplest terms, “be a normal teenager.” She ...

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International Women’s Day and Supporter Spotlight: Heather Tompkins

March 5 2021

StandUp for Kids - Orange County  International Women’s Day (March 8th) is about recognizing the achievements, big or small, of women. Heather Tompkins has dedicated her life to helping youth succeed in every way she can – from her career, to volunteering, even to leading Girl Scouts and supporting baseball teams – and her contributions have made a difference in the lives of countless children. Heather Tompkins is from Long Beach, California, where her father’s roles as pharmaceutical business owner and homeless advocate shaped the way she spoke up on behalf of her community. Growing up, she watched as her father lobbied government agencies for better business ...

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A Life Full of Hope

February 18 2021

StandUp for Kids - Orange County One persistent stigma surrounding homelessness is the idea that living on the streets results from laziness or a lack of motivation. But in reality, each situation is different - and blaming those in need simply leads to a lack of the resources that can help get people into housing. Hope is a 20-year-old who experienced this lack of aid when she needed it the most. As a teen, she worked a part-time job and took online classes, aiming to graduate from high school early and move out of the house at 18. But her parents’ divorce left her bouncing between them and eventually sharing a single rented room with her mother. Reaching out to ask for help - from ...

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February 2021 Supporter Spotlight: Ted Quinn

February 12 2021

StandUp for Kids - Orange County Now more than ever, the work of our volunteers, donors, and mentors at Stand Up for Kids - Orange County deserves to be highlighted and acknowledged. Their commitment and kindness have helped ease the burden for our youth who face adversity each and every day StandUp for Kids recognizes Edward “Ted” Quinn with the distinction of Supporter of the Month for February 2021. Ted is a StandUp for Kids - Orange County advisory council member. He has served with excellence since his appointment in December 2020. In addition to serving as an council member for StandUp for Kids, Ted is also the president of Technology Resources, a consulting and ...

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January 2021 Supporter Spotlight: Trellis & “The Secret Sauce”

January 20 2021

StandUp for Kids - Orange County In every thriving community is a stabilizing force or “secret sauce.” That “secret sauce” for Costa Mesa is Trellis. Trellis is a Costa Mesa nonprofit organization whose mission is to facilitate a collaborative approach to resolving the city’s greatest challenges: homelessness, literacy, and neighboring. They work to connect organizations such as businesses and churches with each other in order to create change. Trellis was formed by a group of pastors who were meeting weekly to pray for the city, and were led to move beyond prayer into action to help their community. Leading the charge is Executive Director Ian Stevenson. ...

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Stepping Into The Light - Jeffrey

January 8 2021

StandUp for Kids - Orange County Born in Santa Ana and raised in Anaheim, Jeffrey’s life has been one of struggle – but also persistence. Growing up, he and his four siblings went from the care of their abusive mother to their abusive stepfather, and were eventually taken in by Jeffrey’s biological father. But far from being a loving home, it was clear that their presence was only valued for the government aid and food stamps they brought the household. Around this time, Jeffrey began hanging out with local gang members and getting into trouble: his friends introduced him to weed and alcohol at age twelve. Lacking affection and affirmation from his parents, Jeffrey was ...

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