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July 2021 Supporter Spotlight: Kaaviya Sasikumar

July 29 2021

StandUp for Kids - Orange County  StandUp for Kids - Orange County is comprised of volunteers, donors, and staff who all dedicate their time to helping disadvantaged and at-risk youth. Without their commitment, StandUp for Kids wouldn’t be able to support our youth each day with mentorship and developmental resources. With the current economic, political, and health concerns for youth and so many others, these contributions have never been more impactful or meaningful. This month we recognize the work and contributions of Kaaviya Sasikumar, a volunteer at StandUp for Kids - Orange County. Kaaviya, far left, with youth in the program Kaaviya first became involved with StandUp for ...

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Dylan’s Courageous Journey of Coming Home

July 29 2021

StandUp for Kids - Orange County  Dylan, a 20-year-old youth in our program, recently spoke at our StandUp for Kids Car Show. His experience in public speaking comes from his seven years attending Al-Anon/Alateen – a group offering recovery-related programs for friends and families of alcoholics. But in addition to simply gaining practical skills, he says that developing his public speaking abilities also required the courage to engage with people willingly. A recent guest on our podcast, Dylan, did just that – courageously engaging with us to share his story for the benefit of anyone who might hear. "Even though some parts are miserable, I think there is a beautiful thing ...

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Remembering Chloe

July 15 2021

StandUp for Kids - Orange County  “She cared about every single person - especially the people who had it the hardest.” “The most energetic, stubborn, artistic person I knew.” “Everybody loved her.” “Little artistic hustler selling her art around town.” “Unapologetically herself.” At the time of her passing in May 2021, Chloe’s 17 years were just beginning to scratch the surface of all she could have become. And although the identity she gained at the very end – accidental overdose victim – cast a dark shadow, her family and friends refuse to let these labels define her memory. Instead, they have chosen to ...

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Natalie’s Journey out of Darkness and into the Light

July 13 2021

StandUp for Kids - Orange County Natalie, a current California State University student, is graduating with a degree in Theater and American Studies under the Arts and Education umbrella. She has always had a passion for expressing her abilities through her vocal and musical talents. The arts program was the driving factor in her choice to attend the University. Natalie's childhood was one of the unfortunate situations that scared our beautiful world. It showed her discovery of the light at the end of the tunnel. During the height of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, she found her life spiraling out of control. Growing up, Natalie never relied on her parents for much, conscious of the financial ...

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Cold Calling to End Youth Homelessness, One Life at a Time

June 30 2021

StandUp for Kids - Orange County  The term “cold calling” can bring up feelings of annoyance – we’ve all been on the receiving end of less-than-pleasant interactions with telemarketers – as well as dread for the person making the call. I’m Geno, and as an intern with StandUp for Kids, part of the work I did was making cold calls to raise awareness. I enlisted volunteers and donors to join the cause and gain referrals to help locate youths in need. I have to admit that my first few calls didn’t go the way I wanted. But by remembering the ultimate goal of getting the word out (along with a few valuable sales tips!) I’ve been able to enjoy ...

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Beyond Donations - RISA Supporter Spotlight

June 25 2021

StandUp for Kids - Orange County  Many kids don't grow up knowing anyone involved in STEM or attend a public school that focuses on the importance of STEM education. Not all kids have the same opportunities, but employees at RISA are helping to change that. We love that RISA employees "show their heart" to support homeless youth amid a global pandemic. That is why they're in this month's Supporter Spotlight. RISA has been developing structural analysis and design software for over 30 years. Getting involved in the community and giving back is an integral part of who they are. The company has a social committee that organizes fun events and volunteer opportunities, like charity fun ...

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