Announcing Our 2018 Guardian of the Year Award Winners

Oct 23, 2018

by Vanity Robinson

At the 2018 StandUp For Kids National Conference, hosted in Atlanta, Georgia, we proudly presented nine national awards in four different categories.  Read more about the Rookie of the Year winners and stay tuned to our blog for more.The Guardian of the Year award is presented to two individuals, teams, or organizations that have given exemplarily and generously of time, talent and/or financial contribution to ensure the sustainability of the StandUp For Kids mission.

The first winner was Rob Lindo of Silicon Valley. Rob Lindo is a volunteer of StandUp For Kids, and General Counsel for Casino M8trix. His nominator writes, “He fights for our cause and worked to ensure a wonderful partnership with Casino M8trix. Casino M8trix has helped raise over $30,000 this last year and continues to partner with us to raise funds, awareness and participate in our events.”

Rob also operated the grill for 48 hours at the street BBQ last year and got Casino Matrix to host a girls’ day that allowed kids to get their hair done, get made over, and learn about healthy eating and exercise. This month, Silicon Valley hosted a guys’ day. His nominator also says, “Rob doesn’t stop with just the Casino. He continues to network on our behalf. Without this community support and the connections they help us make, we cannot be as successful as we are.”

The second winner to be announced was Kim Severini of Orange County. As an organization, StandUp For Kids places a strong emphasis on the number of kids we serve and the progress they make towards their goals. None of this work would be possible without the enormous behind-the-scenes effort put forth by dedicated volunteers such as Kim.

Kim’s nominator writes, “Over the past three years, Kim has devoted countless hours to the Orange County chapter as well as the national organization, organizing three national conferences, advocating for youth at city council meetings, serving as the point person on the Trellis committee to build a permanent homeless shelter in Orange County, and using her extensive connections to promote us to donors, partners, and community members.”

It is clear that Kim deserves this award for any one of the hats she wears in StandUp For Kids, and for the quality of the exceptional work she brings forth.

Congratulations to both nominees on their award! Their hard work is a testament to their dedication to StandUp For Kids and our youth.