Jan 7, 2020

StandUp for Kids – Orange County

The end of 2019 marked another year in which StandUp for Kids was able to provide guidance and relief for homeless youth through providing resources and mentorship. Alabama was one of these individuals, who despite being dealt several obstacles, still managed to better her life and develop new skills that equip her for the challenges that come her way.

Alabama’s lengthy emotional journey of perseverance is atypical of someone of her young age. Originally from Tennessee, she sought an escape from an unstable home situation that featured parental drug use and moved to California. Her troubles would persist, however as the housing situation she found herself in after her move to California subjected her to physical, sexual and emotional abuse. Alone with no family or friends to support her, Alabama once again needed an escape.

Alabama found a job in Orange County at a beauty store and became self-sufficient enough to able to rent out a room whilst also having the chance to work on her art. Alabama’s good fortune would not last and she soon found herself without a place to live. Displaying both self-awareness and emotional maturity, Alabama then put herself in contact with a therapist. Her therapist suggested she look into StandUp for Kids and Alabama turned to them for support.

StandUp for Kids welcomed Alabama with open arms providing both guidance and mentorship. The advising and direction that Standup For Kids has given is something that Alabama remains grateful for.

“StandUp for Kids has impacted my life by making me feel more welcome and giving me a support team.”

For Alabama, StandUp for Kids has helped her maintain a healthier lifestyle both physically and emotionally.

“The resources that StandUp for Kids has provided for me so far has been doctor checkups and support from mentors.”

Instrumental in Alabama’s development and growth has been her mentor Denise who has helped create a positive environment conducive for learning.

“I think my mentor Denise is definitely my high. She makes me feel a lot better and has really been there for me when I felt like no one else was.”

It’s through this support from mentors and the resources provided at StandUp for Kids that Alabama believes has helped her grow as a person.

“I think I take away mostly how to be a better person and to be more positive.”

For much of her life Alabama has been in search of a sense of belonging and inclusion. In 2019she found StandUp for Kids where she developed new skills and spent the end of the year helping make Christmas ornaments.