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StandUp for Kids Commits to "48 Hours on the Streets" Campaign to Help Homeless Youth

April 14 2022

Volunteers across the U.S. to meet homeless youth where they are, while raising awareness of the dangers typically faced in the first two days without shelter Atlanta, GA--(PRNewswire)--StandUp for Kids, a national non-profit organization dedicated to ending the cycle of youth homelessness, announced that its "48 Hours on the Streets" public service campaign - an annual event since its founding 31 years ago - will take place from April 22-24. StandUp for Kids hopes this call to action will elevate awareness of youth homelessness and the dangers typically faced in the first two days without shelter, which often include being approached by drug dealers and being lured into ...

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StandUp and Move Finishes as a Major Success

November 4 2020

StandUp and Move, a national virtual event that took place from October 8 through 12, 2020, attracted 275 participants, 340 donors, and 8 sponsors. After shattering our first goal of $50,000 before the event kicked off, we ended 19% over with proceeds totaling $59,605!   As the first event of its kind to end the cycle of youth homelessness, all participants got to choose a time, distance, and location to move. And did they ever: They ran, walked, biked, wheeled, skated,danced, and they cheered others on.  Today, thanks to this community of friends, StandUp for Kids is able to face the critical issue of youth homelessness a little bit ...

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Join Our Virtual Run/Walk/Bike Event

September 12 2020

The work we do to help homeless youth across the country get back on their feet would not be possible without amazing volunteers and supporters like you. It’s because of your dedication that we have a 30-year history as a nationally-recognized organization fighting to end youth homelessness. To show our thanks, we’ve created a virtual run/walk/bike event that will unite us all together in a safe, healthy way for an important cause.  Register or donate today to our first ever virtual nationwide event, StandUp and MOVE, taking place across the country October 8 through 12, 2020.  Register to MOVE!  This virtual event is like no other. You will ...

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Will You Be A Yes?

August 11 2020

StandUp for Kids - Olympia/Thurston County We are volunteers who want to help unsheltered at-risk youth in your community. We are pleading with you to support a youth 18-24 years of age into a safe place to call their own. If you are that person, group, or community who can help provide a safe haven, please donate.  Your donation would help put four youth in a rental apartment which cost $1400 monthly. Give what you can. Every little bit helps us help them. Homes are where youth expect to be safe, comfortable, and healthy, but this is not the case for millions of youth who are at risk of poor health outcomes because of problems with housing quality, housing instability, and lack ...

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Adopting Hope

May 13 2020

StandUp for Kids - Olympia/Thurston County Adopt a pet, Adopt a highway, Adopt a child in need, Adopt a homeless youth. They have the same needs, wants, desires, likes, dislikes, FEELINGS, pain, hurt, happiness, and LOVE, just like everyone else does. They (We) are all human. When's the last time you felt bad about doing something good for someone else? It's up to us to help each other out and not walk on each other!!! Everyone has a story. You can spend years making it up the social ladder of society and one mistake can make you lose everything. No matter if it's big or small. Who doesn't make mistakes? Who doesn't break? Who doesn't lose their mind sometimes? Share your happiness, share ...

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Thank You Kia Motors!

April 29 2020

StandUp for Kids - Olympia Recently, Kia motors announced that they were donating $1 million to organizations working in youth homelessness, and StandUp for Kids is one of their chosen organizations! Kia Motor’s dedication to our mission and investment in our staff, volunteers, and the work we do is heartening. Throughout Covid-19, our incredible StandUp For Kids – Olympia team has continued to reach out to youth, delivering snacks bags, hygiene packs, masks, and other essentials. The streets that were once filled with bustling restaurants and lively shops are now quiet, and our homeless youth are feeling the isolated effects the virus has taken on our community. The need for ...

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