Sam's Story

July 10 2017

Sam* was homeless and hopeless till he met a StandUp volunteer. That changed his life!

Here’s what he told me:

“I was on the streets with no hope and then I met a volunteer for StandUp For Kids. She became my friend.

StandUp has helped me through so many dark days. You were there when I had no one and nothing. When I was hungry, you went out of your way to feed me. When all I had was the clothes on my back, you helped me.

Today I can say I am a recovering addict. And each day I wake up and thank God for the love and hope I received through you.

I am proud of who I am today. That’s only because you have never given up on me.”

Because of you and your support of StandUp, Sam is smiling today. Thank you.

*Name changed to protect his identity