Meet our New National Executive Director and Board Leaders

March 8 2020

The StandUp for Kids board of directors emerged from its February 21st meeting in Houston with exciting news: It named a national executive director and new board leaders.

The board promoted Greg Smith, director of operations, to national executive director, affirming that Greg has brought incredible value to the organization in a short amount time and built tremendous relationships with staff and volunteers across locations. Board chair Bob Peters said, "Greg has the ability to manage a great number of projects, represent the organization well with national partners and help us usher in a culture of continuous quality improvement to better serve our youth." Outgoing co-chair Eddy Ameen said, "Greg has the passion to help us achieve our collective strategic goals, integrity to follow through on commitments, and the life experience that gives this job personal meaning to him. This is someone who can help us move forward in our mission."

Greg accepted the promotion with gratitude. He sad, "This is my dream job. It is a privilege to support the people on the front line who help those who need us so much. With all of us working together I know we can accomplish anything." He added, "The best is yet to come."  You can contact Greg to share your congratulations or points of view. He will be continue working out of the national office in Decatur, Georgia.

In addition to this exciting staff change, the board named new officers. The executive committee now consists of Bob Peters of Illinois as chair, Lisa Symons of Texas continuing as secretary, and Carlos Aponte of New York as treasurer. Eddy Ameen finished a three year term as chair (with this last year as co-chair alongside Bob) and will remain as a member at large on the board for one year. Justine Palmore of California finished multiple terms as treasurer, chair of several committees, and one of the longest standing board members, beginning in 2012. As one of two executive directors serving on the board (the other is Kim Sisson of Arizona), Justine's seat is now filled by Kelly Fields of Georgia, who is returning to the board for a two-year term. Please learn more about the board and consider serving as a member.