Meet Denver's New Executive Director!

July 22 2021

StandUp for Kids - Denver 

My name is Robbi, I am the new Executive Director of StandUp for Kids - Denver. I professionally appraise fine art, jewelry, and antiquities, with a knack for finding precious things and giving them new life. I am a 10 year Denver resident and my heart is planted here with the mountains. I love snowboarding, paddle boarding alpine lakes with my Great Dane, and seek all life’s adventures.  

My vision is to teach younger generations how to inspire others to find joy in experiencing life. We are the architect of our reality and not the victim.  I am here to reach the impressionable youth that have been let down, to take charge.  I was blessed with a challenging childhood and through that journey learned to navigate beyond fear and doubt to be the grandest version of myself. By overcoming God’s given circumstances together, we gift them power to evolve their life and influence a shift in society.