StandUp For Kids - Kitsap County is an organization whose primary mission is to assist homeless and at-risk kids in their efforts to improve their lives.  No one in Kitsap County receives a salary - we are all volunteers!

At the present time, StandUp For Kids provides various types of support to: Discovery  School in Port Orchard, Renaissance, and Phoenix, Drawbridge/Grad Point/Shield and Mt. View Middle School in Bremerton, East, West and New Frontiers in Central Kitsap, Suquamish Afterschool Program, Olympic College SING program, and West Sound Technical Center.

During the school year 2016-2017 we are providing:

  • Approximately 660 nutritional snack items to teens each month.
  • 158 "weekend backpacks" containing 6 meals for students that are homeless or "couch-surfing". 
  • Clothing, including new underwear and shoes, upon request of students or school counselors.
  • Hygiene items, toilet paper, etc.
  • Supplemental groceries for teens during school vacation days during the school year.
  • Supplemental groceries for teens living independently while still attending school.
  • Baby layette for each baby born to a needy mom, and follow-up support as suggested by teen-parent programs.
  • Donations are not limited to students.  We also serve many street youth randomly as the occasion arises. 
  • Christmas gifts for approximately 600 low-income children, and support for various other agencies during the holiday season.

How our donations are used:
A lot of kids rely on school meals to meet part of their nutritional needs.  For some kids, however, school meals are their primary source of food.  Consequently, they go hungry on weekends and holidays.

Several years ago StandUp For Kids began using a 'Backpack Program' whereby students can pick up a pack of food on Friday, enough to tide them over the weekend.  The cost of the food is $10 minimum (for six meals) per student per week - approximately $400 per student per year.  StandUp For Kids uses each and every donation judiciously.  We are committed to helping kids stay in school, graduate and become productive members of society.  We coordinate with many local agencies to maximize our efforts, which frequently works both ways.