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Chairman of the Board
Brian Russell

Executive Director
Lacy Kaufmann

Director of Training
Claudia Berman

Northshore Fundraising
Linda Jensen

Mitzvah Coordinator
Joey Morelli

Lorene Caravello

Katarzyna Lepicka

Some Things Overheard on the Street: 
"Last week was the biggest breakthroughs we had and it took us 2 months to get past the friends stage to the "I can tell you some things that you might not want to hear" and then hold them a little more responsible stage.  It is hard to leave the kids every week. I always tell myself maybe that they will be in home next week or maybe in school when I see them next." -Street Outreach Counselor

"What have I learned? These kids just want someone to listen no matter if what they are telling you is true or not. They are craving someone to take an interest, to ask, to see, to look them dead in the eyes, offer a smile and take their hand. They need food and provisions ... I loved the street outreach and I can't wait to go back on Thursday and ask Cassie if she did in-fact register for classes..." - Marci, Street Outreach Counselor

"I have to admit...I wasn't sure our kids would actually want to carve the pumpkins at our last event for them.  But it was so great to see how some of them actually got into it!  Mostly, it was great to see them all enjoying themselves, just being kids, eating pizza in a safe and supportive environment."  - Tom, Executive Director

"At our pumpkin carving event we saw over 50 kids. I am really happy we not only saw many of the kids we have built relationships with, but also met new kids and their friends.  It was amazing" - Devin, Street Outreach Counselor

"Tom thanks for supporting us and coming out every week and for letting us do our own thing. You are so good at identifying the needs of the kids AND our needs as counselors and team members!" - Eric, Street Outreach Counselor


DM 2010
Northwestern Dance Marathon Students Offer Reflections on StandUp For Kids

"After working organizationally with StandUp For Kids for the last five months, my Dancer Relations co-chair, Aaron Jacobowitz and I could not have been happier to finally complete training and start street outreach in Chicago. We definitely got to jump in head first by attending a pizza party and pumpkin-carving event that the Chicago chapter organized for the kids. The environment at the "Piehole," the restaurant host of the event, was loud, packed and more fun than either of us had hoped to get out of any Halloween party of the season!

I personally had been a little bit anxious before finally getting out there, because I felt, regardless of how much training I had, what could I really offer to these kids who had already been through so much? But sure enough, from the moment we arrived, we spent the evening in conversation-from topics like apartment placement to how gross the guts of a pumpkin feel as you scoop it out to carve it.

On ride home on the El, we spoke about nothing other than how proud we are that DM has gotten involved with StandUp For Kids this year, and how we couldn't wait to get to know the kids and the other StandUp For Kids volunteers better in the coming weeks."

Elizabeth Green
Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences, '10
Dancer Relations Co-chair, Dance Marathon, '10

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Weekly Events


Outreach Center 6:30pm to 9:30pm
Street Outreach 7:00pm to 8:00pm


Street Outreach 7:00pm to 8:00pm

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LeAnn Rimes video "Give" featuring some of the homeless and street you that we work with on street outreach.

Words from Tom Hayden, ED for Chicago:

Tom HaydenRecently a few of our kids came by and we hung out with them for a bit. They took and ate the burritos we offered them, as did another kid who just happened to walk by. I am struck by the fact that the kids we encounter always seem to be so hungry. When we were leaving, one asked if we would be out again the following night. Even though we told him we only come out on Thursdays, he looked at me and said, "It's cool that you all are out here." I guess that we are beginning to make a difference.


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