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Volunteer Highlight: Adrienne

April 5 2019

StandUp for Kids - Thurston County/Olympia Kicking off our volunteer highlight this week is Adrienne Nelson! Adrienne started volunteering with StandUp for Kids just about a year ago and is now serving as our Director of Kid Support. She is wonderfully generous and manages to make everyone around her smile. "It gives me joy in my heart to go out and engage with the kids; our Executive Director has taught me so much about how important it is to build trust with them. Helping the kids and just taking a moment to listen to them is worth it. Volunteering with StandUp for Kids has opened my eyes to how real the issue of youth homelessness is and I wish I could help each and every one ...

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Brave Connections

April 2 2019

StandUp For Kids - Thurston County/OlympiaBy Maija Sandberg “I'm in here!! It's me! It's you! It's you!!,” a small clear voice called out from somewhere in the corner of a field of orderly green and blue tents. We'd been walking the city's temporary managed encampment looking for teens and young adults who might be ready to talk to someone about options for their future, or just their current needs. The snow had nearly all melted.   A tent quivered as we walked toward it, following the voice. Someone inside struggled in haste to open heavy black zipper that formed a C shaped front door. Stepping out, a young woman about 5 feet 2 inches tall threw her arms open wide, ...

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Meet Carter Wilson, A Local Artist Doing Good In The Community

February 5 2019

This blog post was written by StandUp for Kids - Olympia/Thurston CountyIn short, tell us who you are. I’m a community member, artist, and organizer. I believe in the strength of connectivity. Intentional communication fosters specific action and lasting impact and I do what I can to create opportunities. I am a champion of authentic expression and I live by my word. Why StandUp for Kids? What made us stand out above the rest? StandUp For Kids stood out to me because of the simple word used in their mission statement: ‘empower’.  A child has very little control over the circumstance they are born into. I am in support of every organization that operates with that ...

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Nina's Story - SUFK - Olympia

December 4 2018

  How did you meet StandUp For Kids? At Artesian Well in August 2018 through an outreach event when you brought musical instruments. I was at Purple House but I kept seeing fliers and was drawn to the idea of peer counseling. I did not like staying in shelters or in tent city so I decided to take the steps to make a change. Originally I thought you were like everyone else, someone who just handed out food or supplies.   Tell us your storyI was in foster care and was not allowed social media, I could not talk to others my own age to share what I was dealing with. I would self-harm and stuff because I was attempting to cope. I had a suicide attempt ...

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The Chance for a Better Life

September 24 2018

How a helping hand changes lives Richmond and his girlfriend were living with her sister until they got kicked out, along with their baby girl. They were living on the street in downtown Olympia when they saw the StandUp For Kids street outreach team and decided to ask for help. Since that day, StandUp For Kids has provided the family with mentorship, apartment resources, food and help getting a driver’s license – all to aid them in their goal to become self-sufficient. “StandUp For Kids has given us a chance for a better life,” he said. “They have always been there when I was in need. They provided us with confidence and self-worth.” In addition to the ...

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Look What We Did Together in 2017

January 25 2018

A year of highlights from Eddy Ameen, PhD, National Board Chair   Your support and involvement in our mission has helped make 2017 a standout year for StandUp For Kids. Our central responsibility is to our nation’s young people faced with homelessness, whether temporary or longer term. No matter the circumstances that got them there. No matter the work that needs to be done to help them transition them into safe, stable chapters of their lives. We are deeply humbled by this responsibility, and held fiercely to it through the political tumult of 2017. When some of our youth felt unwelcome, we stood taller to welcome them. In 2017, we worked with over 2,200 youth for the first ...

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