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Publisher's Clearing House surprises StandUp For Kids with a $25,000 check from the PCH Give Back fan vote




Funds to Benefit San Diego and Oceanside Chapters of Non-Profit
StandUp for Kids to Help Homeless and At-Risk Youth

(SAN DIEGO) - The DPR Foundation, the charitable arm of DPR Construction (DPR), recently gave a $40,000 gift to StandUp For Kids, a non-profit organization that provides assistance to homeless and at-risk youth throughout San Diego County.

"We are proud to support StandUp For Kids and their great work in our community," said Jay Leopold, regional manager of DPR San Diego. "What is unique about this partnership is that every DPR team member in our office had a voice in the charity selection process. Our hope is to build a lasting relationship with StandUp For Kids and the children it serves with this donation and volunteer opportunities."


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The Institute for Criminal Defense Advocacy of the California Western School of Law offer a 10 week-curriculum course focused on Street Law to various High Schools and Community groups in San Diego each Fall. This year StandUp for Kids - San Diego was chosen to participate in this course.

Initially we were a bit apprehensive about being able to provide the law students with enough Kids on a consistent basis to make this course a reality. Given the unpredictable nature of these Kids, it was impossible to guarantee a set number would attend on a regular basis; yet, the faculty involved with the Street Law Program assigned two law students to facilitate the 10-week course at our Center on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Throughout the 10-week course we had about 15 Kids participate at varying levels. Some Kids attended one or two sessions, while others attended three or four sessions. We had 5 Kids actually complete the majority of the core curriculum and take part in the inter school Mock Trial competition which occurred on Dec. 6th at the Superior Court in San Diego.

The StandUp For Kids group competed against Crawford High School in the Mock Trial competition which involved a domestic violence scenario. The StandUp for Kids group (defendants) was being tried for murder by Crawford High School students (prosecutors).
The StandUp For Kids students were well prepared and shined in the courtroom. They knew their defense strategy and used their “expert” witness well. It was evident by their performance in the courtroom that the SUFK Kids had practiced their parts seriously in preparation for the competition.

The experience was awesome for the Kids as well as for the Volunteers who were able to witness the success of our Kids. The Judge had two awards and both went to StandUp For Kids students who were recognized for their roles in the trial. The Western Law School students were fantastic teachers, role models, and a consistent source of support and motivation for our Kids. These two young women were always encouraging and supportive of our youth throughout the entire project.

Next year, if we are invited to take part in this educational program, there will be no apprehension only appreciation for being able to provide this opportunity to our youth.


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Click here to check out a video about the 6th Annual Switchfoot Bro-Am, which benefited StandUp For Kids.


The 7th Annual Switchfoot Bro-Am is coming up on June 18th, 2011. Stay tuned for more information!


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